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Firefox will stop of give support to Windows XP and Vista in September of 2017

Whenever is launches a new system operating, many are the developers that put it has back to leave of give support to them versions more old. Generally the time of support does not extend much but there are several factors that can influence the company’s decision. The first and main is the amount of users that are making use of it. Windows XP, despite 16 years in the market continues to be present in a large number of computers nowadays, thanks to the compatibility and stability of the system. However, Windows Vista that went without penalty or glory by the PC world a few years later just you have an important share of users.

The Mozilla Corporation has announced that the Firefox browser it will continue to offer support to all those users who continue to make use of Windows XP or Windows Vista until September of the year coming, so if you have a computer with this operating system, can go it high time thinking about renewing your device, since the versions for both operating systems will no longer receive updates by what will be vulnerable to any future problems of safety detected since that date.

This decision only applies to public users, already that the entities that are part of the Extended Support Release, they will obtain support with future updates. This program is intended for both companies as educational centers, where a large number of computers continue to use of these versions of Windows and where it is cheaper to hire this type of bracket that replace all PC. The ESR is a program very similar which Microsoft continues offering mainly to some Governments where Windows XP continues being the King of the computer and of time not there is intention of update them equipment.

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