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Fossil update their devices to Android Wear 2.0 in March

Since Google announced Android Wear 2.0 development, the Google guys are doing increasingly worse. ASUS announced yesterday that its terminals Zenwatch 2 and Zenwatch 3 will receive Android Wear 2.0 from April, 11 months after its announcement. The final version of Android Wear 2.0, after many months of delay arose at the beginning of February, too late if the platform of Google wearables wants future in this new market. Currently market is dominated by Apple Watch with watchOS, followed by the Fitbit bracelets and in third position by Samsung with Tizen, demonstrating once more that Google is doing very poorly with Android Wear and the leading manufacturers are aware of this.

If Google does not the batteries, at the end the few manufacturers who today still rely on Android Wear, they will be forced to abandon this market, as it did with the bike 360 Lenovo, or allying with Samsung to implement Tizen on their devices. Both the Gear S2 and S3 Gear are offering performance and battery life better than the devices managed by Android Wear, so probably some other manufacturer Please note that its next smartwatch will be managed by Tizen, something that won’t you do no thanks to Google, but it will be by the carelessness that it has shown in the development of Android Wear 2.0.

The last manufacturer which has announced via Twitter update their devices to Android Wear 2.0 has been Fossil, an upgrade that will begin to reach compatible devices of the company from March. With Fossil already are two manufacturers that have announced the release date of the update, but we have the new smartwatches introduced by LG along with the launch of Android Wear 2.0 in early February.

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