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Fox puts movies pre-loaded on mobile devices #MWC17

We all know that the entertainment industry is quite well with the Technology Department, so it is not unusual that both carried out certain measures altogether from time to time. According to The Verge, that is what Fox, Telstra and Ericsson are trying these days, along with other several companies related to the mobile world, in order that we see movies on our phone, obviously paying for them.

Essentially the idea is simple: Fox loaded a couple of tapes on one device any (assume that we are talking about a new Samsung Galaxy S8, by way of example) and the user pays a certain value to unlock and see where it deems appropriate. All this sounds like a good idea, but there are a couple of details that we should talk before smiling too.

The first thing is that clear, it’s always good to see audiovisual material on our phones anywhere and at any time we want, but we must bear in mind that the amount of available memory on these devices is very low to have access to a too extensive library. On the other hand, the useful life of the battery we not always accompany to something like that, unless we have a hub of external load with us, by what may not be something so viable after all.

Anyway, the program is in phase of experiment by now, and seeks to obtain a feedback from the users themselves to see whether or not it is possible to implement it on a massive scale in the near future. The question is, obviously, if it will work or not. From here we see him with some suspicion, but we’ll see what comes out.

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