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Gmail will not allow you to send JavaScript files to consider them as insecure


There are many complaints from hundreds of users regarding how their computers end up infected with a different virus that curiously received as attachments in a specific mail, content downloading, and to be open, it finally ends up installed on our computers and make them impossible to life. To try to prevent this type of access, since Google just communicate that from now no JavaScripts in e-mail messages can be sent.

This is a new step to achieve a more secure mail system and, in this way, files with the extension .js passed to be considered as inappropriate as well as other kinds of much more common files such as the .exe and .msc .bat, which can not be sent as email attachments.

Google sees JavaScript as unsafe and therefore won’t let you send attachments .js on your post.

As you can see in the image in the header of this same post, as a user the only thing you’ll find when you try to send an email by Gmail and attach a JavaScript document is a notice indicating that the file has been blocked. If you click on the help link, Google will explain you in a text that the file has been blocked since that format can spread virus.

If you often send such files, let know you that as confirmed by Google could it seems this restriction will be effective for all the users from the next day on February 13. If after this date, you need to send any type of file in this format, is the own Google which recommends us to use other services such as Google Drive, Google Cloud Storage or any other storage solution in the cloud that you have available.

More information: Google Suit

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