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Google opens the Daydream platform to all developers of apps

Virtual reality is not something that we come over, but is actually happening today in our lives. Perhaps for this reason is that Google decided to open its application development platform to Daydream to all who want to make a program for your lenses, leaving the door open to engineers believe they deem appropriate for them, says TechCrunch.

Even though there are already some games and other apps for this set in particular, the company published basic in their blog requirements so that the programmers start to create freely, while offering phones where the equipment is available is quite low.

Although Google competitors have enough ground advanced in this area, it would not be surprise that, in the near future, mark begins to accelerate to overtake the rest, either by the mentioned applications, which obviously will have a very varied Play Store, as well as a future compatibility with other equipment in addition to the Google Pixel and Pixel XL to name a few, which turns out to be the Achilles heel of the initiative so far.

Anyway, it will have to wait to see what surprises us now subsidiary of Alphabet, who seem to be quite concentrated on enhancing this platform, lucky for us.

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