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Google Wifi, Chromecast Ultra and Daydream View are other news from Google


Man lives not only of smartphones, but being the most widely used device is more attention is paid to companies. During the presentation yesterday at the Google presented finally the new Pixel and Pixel XL, we saw how these new models were the ones more time were presentation, presentation in which Google also launched three new devices that finally did not coincide with the rumor mill that had surrounded this event, except in the compatible with quality Chromecast 4 k. In addition to the new Pixel Google introduced the Google Wifi, the Chromecast Ultra and them glasses Daydream View.

Google Wifi

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Google Wifi, according to company presents it is an intelligent router that distributes the signal around the House, according to the needs. But if we stopped to see really as works Google Wifi not is more than a Repeater of the signal Wifi of our domicile. According to says Google the idea of this device is partitioning it signal according to the use that are making of internet in that time, so if are checking the mail in a room while in another are enjoying of a film in streaming, the width of band will be more broad in it part of the House where is is playing the film.

Chromecast Ultra

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Although to day of today the content in quality 4 k is can count with them fingers of the hand and them feet, Google just of present a device Chromecast that allows send content in quality 4 k and HDR to our televisions, televisions that must be compatible with this quality for to enjoy of it. If this is not the case, Chromecast Ultra will optimize the signal so that we can see the content of the highest possible quality. Unlike previous models that only work with Wifi connection, Chromecast Ultra integrates a RJ45 plug, also known as Ethernet port.

daydream View

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Google has changed the carton by the plastic and the fabric to present their new glasses of reality virtual that will allow converting any terminal with support Daydream (new Pixel and Pixel XL) in devices of reality virtual augmented. These goggles come with a remote control remote for conveniently controlling playback without having to put us and take away the glasses continuously.

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