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GTA 5 allows us to change pumps by Samsung Galaxy Note 7


One of the terminals more expected by all users, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was presented on 2 August. Shortly after it went on sale and was then began when the first problems for the Korean company, since the device was a suicidal and no apparent reason began to burn, although on some other occasion some of these terminals have come to exploit. All this controversy that has surrounded some of the models of Samsung star has been used by HitmanNiko, a user of this game than by a mod has managed to replace by Samsung Galaxy Note 7 bombs.

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In this video, we see as the protagonist goes to a gun shop and where we would have to find bombs, is a brand-new Galaxy Note 7, which the protagonist acquires for seconds then start launching them as if you were bombs.  For which not are positions in the world of them video games, them mods us allows make small changes Visual in the game, although also us can allow vary the mechanical of the game, although some user them have used for fill the game of Pokemon, after the fever that is unleashed with the launch of the game.

Secure that to them guys of Samsung not them there will be echo no grace, especially after them new cases of terminals that follows turning fire a time have been replaced. Without go more away, yesterday you inform of one of these terminals that had been replaced to end of September and that even so had begun burn in a plane punto of take off. He problem with the batteries of them terminals you goes to cost to Samsung, according to the first estimates, something more than thousand million of dollars.

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