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Head of Google promises to smartphones for 30 dollars

It is common that looks are always placed in the high-end models, but the reality is that there is a large segment of the population that cannot be taken that luxury, and more if we talk about countries like India or some others of Latin America that are developing. Is by that that Google already thinks in the next milestone of its program Android One: smartphones of thirty dollars.

In an interview with NDTV (via Mashable), Sundar Pichai-CEO of Google-said be committed in offering phones more cheap and that price ideal for India would be of thirty dollars. The work not is only of Google, who seeks that these phones are of good quality, but also of other actors in the market of smartphones of that country.

Android One not had the impact that Google expected. Despite low sales, the company relaunched the initiative promising $50 phones. Now the company seeks a price still more accessible while that works in improve other services, as the availability of network cell or improves of the same, another problem that is latent in these countries.

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