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Here is where Facebook stores your data, the most curious pictures


Click and it works, just we need to find our friends and there will be your photos uploaded and tagged, their publications, those fantastic GIFs, but… Where are really stored all these data? Facebook has decided to share for the first time more spectacular photos of your data center established in Sweden and known as “Arctic”. This center of data holds the exclusivity of be the only Center of data that Facebook has out of the United States of America. If want to see more details about the “disk hard of Facebook”, not you miss these fantastic photographs that have decided share with all us.

The reason by which is known as “Arctic”, besides its situation geographic in Luleå (Sweden) is quite evident, all these devices require an important cooling, is hot too and this can corrupt them components and result fatal, as any apparatus electronic of today day. To employ the best air conditioning that mother nature can bestow, the natural air temperature. The town of Luleå is only 100 km from the Arctic, so temperatures can reach sometimes lethal cold, hence Facebook will save so important amounts of money into energy to cool the data center.


But not is it unique ecological, the energy required to keep the system (that not is little) it provides a central hydroelectric located in a river near. According to Mark Zuckerberg, engaged in many projects of this nature lately, this Center is a 10% more efficient and uses a 40% less than energy that the traditional. The vision that allows us to is mind-boggling. The preferred place to share the photographs has not been another official Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, of course, so if you want to take a look at some more, because you know, you get to go through Facebook.


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