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If anyone had any doubt, Samsung confirms that will launch the Galaxy Note 8

Galaxy Note 7

Much is has speculated on the possibility of that the company Korean leave of side the range Note, a range that is has become in a device irreplaceable for all those users that it have proven. Them problems with the Note 7 not have got that these change of opinion and already are waiting with anxiety the arrival of the seventh generation (is jumped the number 6 in the numbering of them Note). The possibility of that Samsung abandon this range is undone makes some days when you inform you of them rumors that pointed to the Note 8 already was of road. But she was not allowed to be rumours.

Finally it was confirmed yesterday that the Note 8 if that is underway and many innovations to try to compensate for the problem he suffered Note 7, problem according to announced the company is due to two different battery problems, such and yesterday as it is explained in this article. DJ Koh, President of Samsung Electronics mobile communications business unit has confirmed the news through the Chinese social networking Weibo, where has confirmed that within a few months you can return to enjoy the new model of the phablet with stylus for Samsung.

Fortunately for Samsung, and according to the annual accounts announced yesterday, the problem with Note 7 has not influenced the financial results of the company, in fact, if not I had to withdraw, likely that benefits record earned had tripped enormously. The decision to continue with the Note, Samsung is motivated by the large number of followers of this device, followers who have not had no choice but to continue with the 4 Note or Note 5 (the latter not sold worldwide) and who are waiting for the next model as may water.

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