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LG makes a mockery of Samsung and its explosive Galaxy Note 7

LG has taken advantage of the Galaxy Note 7 explosions remain to mock Samsung. According to a report of NDTV (via PhoneArena), LG has sent some text messages to users of the India that mocks the problems of spontaneous combustion that has the Galaxy Note 7.

The message says something like:

Have you heard the news of products that exploit? In LG our products pass multiple tests to ensure the safety of our most valuable resource – your.

Ten Diwali with LG insurance.


The Korean manufacturer sent messages at random to celebrate Diwali, also known as the festival of lights, celebrated at the end of the year in India. The report indicates that the text messages have been sent to all those who have a LG device.

Undoubtedly bad news for Samsung, who still is in the eye of the storm then a replacement unit ignite inside an airplane in the United States.

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