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LG patented a cell phone with flexible display that surrounds the device

It is no longer a secret that practically all manufacturers are working on flexible display devices.

Some ready it from flexibility to be folding, while others of spoiling presented displays such as sheets of paper that in the future they could be applied in different ways.

Today it is LG who surprises us with a smart phone patent that seems to wrap the body of the team and have continued on both sides display.


One of the questions that we have to see this type of equipment is “where demons will front camera”, for example. In this case it would be quite similar – at first sight to done by Xiaomi with its my MIX, as we can see in the following concept.


Considering that this type of technology are already ready for mass production and that analysts expect that for the 2019 such devices cover about 20% of the market share, it is likely that sooner than later we see a brand that is presenting us with a terminal of these characteristics. Just wait and see who will be the pioneer.

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