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Nintendo Switch is not case for digital games

During the day yesterday revealed new details about the content and the mode in which will operate the Nintendo Switch. One of its most criticized aspects is the fact that the console only has 32GB of storage, accompanied by a card reader. It is not for less when most of the current generation consoles vary between 500 Gb and 1 TB of internal storage, a clear commitment to the digital game and offers subscription plans are to blame. However, Nintendo seems to fails to convince by the digital game. Have been known new details about how will be the digital purchase of Nintendo system and they are not exactly good.

Nintendo has confirmed three digital games for the day of the launch, which are Fast RMX, Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment and Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove. However, it seems that you won’t leave the shop without a card to provide extra storage, and is that according to the latest filtered data, not even you can store one of these games in memory included in the Nintendo Switch natively.

Another bad news is that Virtual Console, the so-called emulator of Nintendo for the Switch-retro consoles, nor available for the release date.

These latest moves are not laying anything well to a wide range of players who are keen to enjoy their content digital beyond where they are, nothing further, and the latest developments in respect of this issue in Nintendo Switch is that video games must not be installed on more than one console, i.e. will remain in your library , but it is only available for the console that is linked to the account. We do not want or imagine what will happen if you break the console, or simply if you have several in house.

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