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On 5 October the firm Sonos will have two new speakers at Apple stores


Is evident that Sonos is is opening a hollow important between them users thanks to the manufacture of good products related with the speakers and headphones wireless. It certain is that from its birth in the year 2002 not have stood of grow. with regard to the sales and the quality of their products. Sonos ripped in a time where not were frequent them headphones without cable of the hand of their founders John MacFarlane, Craig Shelburne, Tom Cullen and Trung Mai, now it signature is related directly with Apple and starting from the next 5 of October their Sonos PLAY 1 and PLAY 5 will be available in the store of it company.

The own Sonos admitted today having a close collaboration with Apple and expect the spectacular sound experience that you get with the new speakers to reach the most demanding users. In the shop online of Apple already have available them two new models, that if, by the time only for those users that reside in United States. Them new speakers is connected to the device through the network WiFi of House u office, which means that the quality of the audio always will be something best that if it make by Bluetooth. This course for the more expert in sound can be a product to consider.

These products not can say that are economic and is that those speakers Sonos PLAY 1 have a price of near 200 euros and the model Sonos PLAY 5 is in the 500 euros. These products are synchronized and have a good compatibility with Apple products, but they are not for all users, that is clear when we look at the price.

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