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Oreo and Google make team in something other than Android or

Since some days ago is strong rumour that Android or actually would end up taking the name of Android Oreo. None of the companies involved has said something official. But cookie brand has just launched a fun game for smarpthones which uses the technology of Google Earth, so that could be taken as a good omen.

The Oreo Dunk Challenge is a game that runs directly from the web browser on your smartphone. It requires that the user have a to scan it owned Oreo Cookie and then simulating as far as possible to see how far from the planet Earth launches ends up landing.

Game scans the cookie, then use the smartphone gyroscope to calculate the force and distance when the user to simulate the launch as if it were a round of Olympic sport, after all that uses Google Earth technology to assemble a video where to display the virtual tour of the biscuit scanned around the globe.

It is a fun game with the serious potential to become something addictive, but the issue here is that if you are not careful enough our phone may end up leaving soared through the air at the time of simulating the launch.

The union between Google and Oreo to make this game raises the bar on the future name of Android O.

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