Thursday , February 22 2018
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Apple would work fully to integrate wireless charging the iPhone 8

Since last year it is that Apple want to integrate a wireless charging for its future iPhone 8 system, but is something that would simply not have achieved successfully. The latest rumors say that the arrival of this technology is imminent for the new model to present this same 2017, but some claim that actually friends of Cupertino are working against the clock.

The news agency Reuters has published a report, based on information from an informant internal anonymous, where claim that Apple has five different working groups currently working to the limit, to develop a functional solution of wireless charging that can integrate the iPhone 8.

This publication fits with previous reports where made sure that Apple is working on at least 10 prototypes of the 8 iPhone development, each with a different proposal.

Is the Wireless charging a necessary innovation iPhone 8?

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