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Problems with iPhone batteries are not solved with the latest iOS update

A time has been clear the theme of them problems of the batteries of the Note 7, us see forced to follow speaking of the #batterygate that not only has affected to Samsung, but also is giving problems to Apple in its device Star: the iPhone. A few months ago the Cupertino-based company acknowledged that there was a game of batteries installed in the iPhone 6s which were offering problems to users, so the company was forced to launch a free replacement of the same program. But here did not end the problem, since the release of iOS 10.1 users who claim to have many are problems with the battery life, since the device when it reaches 30%, more or less, shuts down suddenly.

A couple of days ago Apple, that still does not recognize this problem, launched a new iOS update, the version 10.2.1, a version that even if Apple failed to recognize him, should solve the problems that many users are experiencing with your devices battery. But it is not so. If we go to the Apple support page, can see how the Forum already has 125 pages of users looking for a solution to the problem not recognized by stop Apple.

Apple has always taken a long time, when he did so, to acknowledge that some of their devices is suffering performance problems, because it is related to the battery (this case or the new MacBook Pro) or with the screen of the iPhone 6 Plus (another problem that will soon recognize) to cite some of the more recent. The Cupertino-based company should pamper a little more faithful users and recognise that it is not perfect and that during the manufacturing process of the terminals may occur some problems that affect its operation or while the version of software installed, is not working as it should, as is the case with the latest version of iOS and earlier versions of macOS Sierra with the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar.

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