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PSN cards are the best choice to buy your games on PlayStation Network

Many users just don’t join the initiative of video games in digital format because of the problems that can be found with various payment methods. Those who follow us here, know that I am a faithful defender of the digital purchase by the least impact on the environment posed by both the cost savings. However, today we’re going to talk a little more about what PlayStation Network cards are and why they are without a doubt the best way to buy digital sets and all kinds of content from the PlayStation Store.

First of all we must make clear what are these digital cards. They are nothing more than money, one of the many forms of payment that Sony makes available when adding funds to our PlayStation Network wallet. Therefore, we add the exact amount you want to use, or simply have a reservation in face purse to buy future content. Thanks to this type of cards can save us linking our credit card or PayPal, thus avoiding possible failures in safety, and it is that Sony has been on more than one occasion targeted by hackers.

How the PSN cards?

Easiest way is nearly impossible. When you buy a PSN card with balance (which you can read on the product you purchased), get a code made up of letters. This code is which you will have to enter in function “redeem code” found in the PlayStation Store. Is without a doubt one of the easiest ways possible of adding money to our account, so we can take advantage of the many offers that Sony and the development companies put at our disposal in the PlayStation Store.

Where can I buy a card with balance or PSN subscription?

Many physical points of sale there is where to buy a PSN card, from your supermarket to your store of confidence games. However, more fast and how is business online since it allows you to acquire your PSN with balance card or a subscription to PlayStation Plus at a very affordable price and the more quickly, without having to wait.

Just after passing by the payment platform, you will receive an email with your code to add funds to the wallet of PlayStation Network as I have explained above.

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