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Razer announces the acquisition of the company Nextbit


Nextbit is an of those companies that were born from a very good idea and above all the support both of investors private as of future customers thanks to campaigns of financing collective. For his part, is certain to indicate that it is also a success than Tom Moss, up to 2010 head of the business unit of Android at Google is its founder and that Rich Miner, co-founder of Android or Scott Croyle, Vice President of HTC, they are part of its Board of Directors.

With all these people in the direction of the company and ideas and approaches as the design and manufacture of devices capable of solving complex problems by building elegant solutions was born does not much Nextbit Robin, the considered as first cloud-based smartphone, an idea that made clear the significant interest from specific sector of the market and finally to finish for Razer.

The part negative of the purchase of Nextbit from Razer is in that the Nextbit Robin will be discontinued.

If you like to play video games by secure computer that you’ve heard from Razer, a company specialized in the design and manufacture of all kinds of computers, peripherals and accessories for this complex and sophisticated world and same which today is news after announcing that they have acquired most of the assets of Nextbit Systems Inc in such a way that all his team will now become part of Razer.

Curiously, to the contrary of what usually occur usually in this type of shopping, in this occasion not is has revealed no detail on the price of buy, for example, although is that is has advance that, at least of time, both companies will continue to working of form completely independent although it unit of business now will be subject to the address of Razer

Tom Moss has had to leave to testify on the matter and his words could not have been more hopeful since he sees this acquisition as something that will allow them to anything be done with more resources and international projection which, otherwise, would have been impossible to achieve in the short term. As part negative have that the Nextbit Robin will be retired from the market although the owners current shall enjoy of a year more than support.

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