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Samsung expects good earnings despite the debacle of the Galaxy Note 7

2016 will be remembered in the history of Samsung as the year where its reputation almost sinking the unfortunate episode of Galaxy Note 7. However, to the surprise of friends and strangers, it would be that after all the company’s financial results would not be as bad as you might have thought.

According to a report from the agency information Reuters, Samsung Electronics Co Ltd (005930.KS) has announced in its home country that projected profit of up to 50% more than last year, for the period corresponding to the fourth fiscal quarter. So, Samsung managed to profit, but it was not due to its infamous smartphone.

This would be the best period of profit in three years for the company, and all should be to overcome all expectations in terms of its sales volumes of chips and other components for smart devices, coupled with a lighter impact than expected by the debacle of the Galaxy Note 7.

But not everything is perfect for the fiscal year from Samsung, since they were able to report record profits at its last, but in the prior period losses were felt due to the explosive end.

Even so, the future looks promising for Samsung. The S8 Galaxy seems to be a smartphone at the height of the needs, and the Galaxy X could revolutionize the market.

Just need that they don’t ruin it.

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