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Samsung patents a stylus with speaker for the Note


Since the company Korean back to use a stylus in the phone, something that not is saw since appeared the first iPhone, many have been them users that have last of them critical to the praises. The usefulness of a Pen on a smartphone, according to the use we make of it, is usually more correct that error. In addition, as we have seen in Note 7, this device can now be used while even wet the screen of the device. Each new version of Note offers us new features of this Pen, characteristics that seem to have no end, according to the latest patent that the Korean company registered a few months ago and in which we see as the stylus could incorporate a loudspeaker.

This new stylus would integrate a speaker at the end of the device, where it rests on the hand, replacing the speaker of the device. If we remove the stylus, the sound of the device remain available through the hollow of the Pen, even though logically the audio quality would not be the same as at present. We do not know that idea goes through the head of the company to change the location of the speaker terminal and place it in the Pen, but the only reason would be an increase in substance of the size of the screen to try to take advantage of the edges of the same.

As a patent which is, this does not mean that he can finally see the light of this new design, although if Samsung intends to only display screen on the front of the terminal that could be one more than interesting option. Or perhaps simply the Korean company has registered this option to be able to protect their ideas before potential future use of other companies. Every year leading technological companies recorded a large number of patents on this occasion, it does not mean that they will finally see the light, in part because many of them are an advanced course.

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