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Thanks to this technology the fibre can reach speeds of up to 1 Tbps

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A group of engineers from different companies of the magnitude of Nokia Bells Labs, Deutsche Telekom T-Labs or the Technical University of Munich, have just published new information about a project in which have been working since months ago and have been named after that of Probabilistic Constellation Shaping or PCS.

Under this strange name you will find nothing less than the technology through which data transmission could reach speeds of up to a terabit per second over fiber optic, something that finally would mark a new record of data rates. As it announced the team of researchers, while they are very close to achieve such speed, unfortunately this technology still would not be available for commercial use.

PCS technology can make optical fiber to reach speeds of up to 1 Tbps.

Among the details more interesting of this new technology have that makes use of them points of constellation with a high amplitude and lower frequency. Thanks to this is achieved to transmit signals that are much more resistant to noise in turn facilitating one 30% greater in scope. As he has published Nokia, this technology makes use of an amplitude modulation in quadrature to increase transmission capacity across the channel.

The first experiment of this new technology has been carried out on a network of fiber-optic property of Deutsche Telekom. 1 Tbps speedswere achieved during the test. According to the data end of the study, unfortunately and unless until the next decade not is expected that these speeds arrive to the market domestic.

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