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Samsung removed 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7 by explosive batteries

What began as a casual news a week ago, with a reported incident of a Galaxy Note 7 which broke out for using an inappropriate charger, has been climbing at larger levels. With Samsung taking letters in the subject in a way it would be, to the extent of suspending all its terminals scheduled sending, and now take him to the next level.

It is estimated that more than 2.5 million smartphones Galaxy Note 7 just be removed from its points of sale on its own initiative of Samsung, which has commanded to collect all its units to verify that their batteries do not contain this defect that can not only ruin the device, but affect the user.

Galaxy Note 7 explodes

Koh Dong-jin, President of Samsung has gone even to official statements on behalf of the company, highlighting the maximum interest in the safety of its users:

There was a small problem in the manufacturing process, so it was really complicated to deduce what caused the failure. Remove all devices will cost us so much money that makes that it hurts the heart, but the reason why we made this decision because we believe that the safety of our consumers is the most important thing.

The Executive also says that those who already have a Galaxy Note 7 will return for it is replaced by a new terminal and its proven security.

At the moment it is estimated that it will take two weeks check and correct all existing lots.

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