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Samsung reveals that the majority prefers to stay is with Galaxy Note 7

At this point, everybody knows the tragic story of the Galaxy Note 7. Samsung behaved at the height of the emergency, and implemented a program of change of terminals at the risk of the batteries are incendiar√°n in defective terminals.

And now the company has come out to update to the community on the State of this initiative, resulting unexpectedly favorable for Samsung, with a perspective a little different of the report emerged makes some hours, where all seemed point to a scenario of misinformation from them owners of this explosive terminal.

In a press statement released by Samsung, DJ Koh, President of the Mobile Communications Business division at Samsung Electronics, shares some important facts about its replacement program, where it is clear that users still have faith in the Galaxy Note 7:

  • 90% of the users that changed your Galaxy Note 7 decided to replace it by another equal, but without defect in battery. Not migrated to another brand or model.
  • 60% of the Galaxy Note 7 retired sold in United States and Korea have been replaced by the program’s replacement.
  • 80% of the owners of a Galaxy Note 7 in Singapore already it changed by one new, being this one of the countries more active in the replacement.

These data belie relatively them reports previous of other analysts, who claimed that the iPhone 7 would have had an increase in its demand due to the leak of users of Samsung.

It’s good news for the people of Samsung, while damage to the reputation of the Galaxy Note 7 could already be made.

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