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Sernatur launches app to Chiloé across the path of the churches

The national service of tourism (Sernatur) launched a mobile app with patrimonial and tourist information about 16 churches for Chiloé across the path of churches.

This new app, called precisely the route of the churches, allows tourists access to maps and useful information to explore trails, facilitating planning their trips.


The application has downloadable maps of routes, graphic elements, videos and audio-guides in Spanish and English. The contents of the app highlights the churches of Rilán, Castro, Achao, Tenaún, San Juan, Dalcahue, Colo, Quinchao, Vilupulli, Aldachildo, Ichuac, Detif, Chonchi, Nergón, Caguach and Schilling. In addition, it can work without internet access.


“The churches of Chiloé are a living heritage for the country, transcending its purely architectural value, since they have become a very important touristic value to this national destiny… This application that presents the path of the churches is part of a trend around the world, a tool available to tourists that they plan their future trips to the island, complementing these economic milestones with the other natural attractions of the Region of the Lakes,”says Marcela Cabezas, Sernatur National Director.

If you are a user of Android, you can download the app at this link. Meanwhile, if you are using iOS, you can do so here.

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