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Vine it will dismiss the next 17 of January

As it ahead from last year, I came, the sister of Twitter social network to share videos of 6.5 seconds will disappear as we know it, after not getting a buyer. In the coming days, the application will be transformed into Vine Camera.

On January 17, Vine Camerusers to you can not upload videos, but you can download to those who stayed in the file, visible through the app or from the web site. They will be choice save their videos on the phone or via email, thanks to the tools provided by the social network.

Vine Camera will allow to create videos repetitive 6.5 seconds that you can share on Twitter directly or stored locally. The rest of features currently available on Vine will disappear, including accounts user and, therefore, his followers.

Twitter advises users that can connect with his followers only through the social microblogging, serving as a backup network. And us it felt by them creative that published their videos in the network social, since Twitter not seems to be the best place for shelter is.

A good option before the imminent dismissal of came as it know would convert those videos in GIFs using the tool of Giphy. The decision is taken and Vine Camera will take the place of that was a platform full of creativity.

RIP came, the first victim (foretold) of the 2017.

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