Tuesday , January 23 2018
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Siri read your WhatsApp messages out loud

Something between hands brings the latest update of the popular messaging application for users of Apple’s phone.

Happens that already can do the virtual assistant, Siri, the following order: “Read my WhatsApp message”.

The last message that has arrived and have not read even within the application will be recited by Siri.

Here in our offices we already use it to send hilarious jokes, although its use is intended for other things.

For example, people who inevitably must know what came to him and you are driving, although it is leaving the phone fully on side, or also help people with reduced Visual abilities.

It is worth mentioning that the first time you give the order, will ask you if you give access to your WhatsApp account to the virtual assistant. You know, sense of security…

The question is, whether you have or not iPhone: what would Siri if did you that command now?

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