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Spain and United Kingdom also investigate WhatsApp data collection


From makes a weeks and after the last update of WhatsApp all them users is are seeing forced to have that accept them terms for to continue making use of it application of messaging installed in more than thousand million of devices. These new terms us requested permission for to share the information of our features with Facebook for according to them “improve our experience of users”. If really want to improve the experience of user that begin to add all the functions that are available in Telegram for example and that to day of today still not have arrived to WhatsApp.

The German Government was the first country to cry in heaven and forced the company to collect data from users of WhatsApp and that will remove the information which had been obtained so far. But not are the only countries that is have since hands to the work for check really that passes with our data. Spain and the United Kingdom also have been launched to investigate both companies, to be part of the same group.

The Agency Spanish of protection of data wants to know exactly as, being companies different although grouped together in a same group, is transferred the information of a company to another and check if is meets the legislation Spanish in this sense. Of time if want to continue making use of it application are going to have that accept them new terms if or if, since of it contrary it application not us allows make any another action.

Many are them users that are starting to use others applications of messaging for with the time leave of make use of WhatsApp, since Mark Zuckerberg not has fulfilled with what promised when announced the purchase of the platform of messaging in which said that them data of them users never would be used for purposes commercial or advertising.

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