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How much actual space does us Google Pixel 32 GB?


Manufacturers have happy hobby advertising space offered in their models to make use of it according to our needs without never deduct the space occupied by the operating system, so we could say that no manufacturer actually informs the real space of the device once took it from the box. I can not understand why the European Union, which sometimes puts in question some issues that users will not affect US the least, not gets fully on this issue.

This year Apple finally has decided to delete the model of 16 GB (11 GB actual) offering as model input 32 GB model. With these 32 GB (a 28 GB actual) already can take pictures and record videos in 4 k without storage problems (although with this capability we can not pass). The new models of Google, Pixel and Pixel XL, will come to the market with two capacities: 32 to 128 GB. But as all the manufacturer, those 32 GB not are real, since the system operating Android 7.1 that manages the smartphone occupies 5.39 GB, making is really in a terminal that only us offers 24.3 GB of storage, since really the space available in the device a time formatted is of 29.7 GB, not 32 GB.

That Yes, this space is practically the same that can be found on all phones that come to market with 32 GB of storage fictional, real are little more than 24 GB. In this sense Apple that has known much better optimize the space used by your operating system, since in the 32 Gb model, it offers us something less than 28 GB storage once we have on the phone for the first time and want to start to install applications, take pictures, record videos in quality 4 k…

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