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Speaker Philips SB300, to proof of all [FW Labs]

This will be a FW Labs quite out of the ordinary, because rather than be based on technicalities, tell you a personal story which summarized quite well the point of sale of this portable speaker with bluetooth.

Typical family Sunday roast. A tradition beside the pool that allows that aplaquemos the heat and share all together, taking advantage of the last day of the week. My family is large, I have eight nieces and nephews, of which six are still enough children. They were those who, looking for something new with what play, found nothing better than my Philips SB300 test unit. You said that was “resistant to all”, to shock, to the water and to the dog. Unfortunately they took it literally.

Philips sb300

Without me gave has, while reproduced music of fashion through it, it used as a ball of football in a party of three by side. They kicked it, and pulled in wet grass, mud. The music never is interrupted, according to me confessed one of them scared authors.

They then proceeded to throw it into the pool. Is assumed that is resistant to splashes, but it dipped and used while playing in the water. I was told that when sinking much signal, was lost but that as the speaker floating, to be in contact with the air music it went.


As if it weren’t enough punishment, used it as a toy with the dog, because I repeat, took everything in a very literal way. My “small” Sofia, 20 kilos, brought the speaker on his snout about fifteen times, all children were fighting to restore it since the girl has a problem with letting go their toys.

I heard all this and they thought that he would be angry. Taking advantage of me for that is that could collect the information earlier. The speaker is damaged. It has several scratches and dents, but surprisingly he keeps running equal to when it took it box for the first time without malfunction despite all the punishment he received. The damage was cosmetic, nothing more. Declare me surprised.

Philips SB300

There are thousands of options like this on the market. Their sound is not the best, but go it sounds strong and bass are super pronounced without sounding distorted and that is appreciated. Obviously it is not an “audiophile” product, is small, portable, resistant to all and its sound is able to cover a conversation of twelve people. If your promise of sale is that, the of being a “test everything”, is perfect. Its battery lasts a little more than eight hours and if it had not mentioned it, has lights. Yes, lights dancing to the rhythm of the music. Less evil these can be disabled with a specifically dedicated to that button. For a price of CLP $34.990 through official channels, I makes it difficult not to recommend it to who need a faithful appliance and you know that he will not let you abandoned when you need it.

Philips SB300Philips SB300

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