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Study says that iPhone would be more likely to fail than any Android

Opens a new and exciting episode in this endless war between mobile platforms from Apple and Android, all as a result of a recent study in where is says that actually usually any model of iPhone would be more prone to bugs compared Android.

It’s a study developed by the British firm Blancco Technology Group, under the title of State of Mobile Device Performance and Health, where it is revealed that statistically each new incarnation of iOS has been increasing progressively the rate of failures in the performance of the smartphone, to a degree such that Android is already more stable.

As example, during the last quarter of 2015 analysis points out that the rate of failures in running on iOS apps was about 15%, but already for the fourth quarter of 2016 that figure had soared to 62%.

In contrast, the failure of the apps running on Android now average is 47%. While older iPhone model’s newest is the version of iOS the problems are greater.

Under this dynamic 7 iPhone and iPhone 7 Plus they turned out to be most reliable models, although both had average failures over 3%, and the obvious trend is that that number will grow as pop up each new version of iOS.

Obsolescence Apple program does work, at least.

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