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T-Mobile is going to end with the Note 7 that are in your network

Makes time that Samsung, in set with the operators came threatening with that this was going to happen, and T-Mobile is the first operator in United States in release the update that leaves as brick your Galaxy Note 7.

To the contrary of others operators as Verizon, that is deny to make you that to their users of Note 7, them of it T pink van to release in any time the update “N930TUVU2APL2” that not allows that the team receive load, given which when is you finish the battery, is you just the life.

In any case, advocates of high IQ who refuse to return his explosive equipment have an easy exit to the problem: changing the sim card for any operator that is not T-Mobile. Of all forms is a strong hit to force to them users to return of a time by all the cell that made that Samsung asked forgiveness through the newspapers.

Still, no longer us the attention that a team that was such a short time on the market and which did not have a global launch remains more used that several proposals of other brands.

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