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TCL will launch three BlackBerry phones this year

After the return of giants like Nokia smartphones market, TCL company wants to prove that BlackBerry has become really, while not causing nostalgia, betting with teams that retain the essence of the Canadian firm.

The return of BlackBerry was not with the model Priv or much less with the DTEK 50 and DTEK 60 teams, but with the newly announced BlackBerry KeyOne during part of the Mobile World Congress 2017.

In interview with CNET, Nicolas Vogt, man to the head of TCL Communications, revealed that this year the company china is focus in revive to BlackBerry and it will make with the launch of until three phones with the brand Canadian.

This would clearly derive from the return of Nokia and how has the public is interested again in their teams. And we can’t doubt him, because despite the relevant that it was BlackBerry in his best season, failed to raise much interest as the Finnish firm.

However, this also would mean that all new BlackBerry equipment include a physical keyboard as the KeyOne, since TCL would be working on a phone with touch screen reminiscent of DTEK 50 and 60 DTEK, the last of the DTEK brand that would have its days numbered.

On the other hand, although the current TCL aims to revive a BlackBerry, there is the possibility that are also working on a Palm device, but not operating system WebOS, which belongs to LG. Let us remember that NAFTA only acquired the brand of devices by 2015, which has not been used.

To clarify, Vogt said that “we don’t do things by mistake”, so should “be aware” of any news related to Palm. You who believe that you mean?

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