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The prepayments increase in more than 100% in Chile

According to the information provided by the financial daily, the lines of prepayment in Chile grew by 111% over the same period of the previous year, which represents 210,000 new numbers.

Meanwhile the lines to hire also lived a considerable rise of a 21%.

Anyway this brings back the problem of the amount of inactive lines, of which the communications Secretariat (SUBTEL) are already aware and trying to fix, because it inflates the numbers of portability, delivering little accurate data with regard to how it behaves the telecommunications market in the country.

It is likely to take measures as the deactivation of a number in a shorter time than usual period, 30 days is one of the proposals being considered.

In what regard specifically to prepaid, clear was the company that added more adherents, specifically 31417 lines the last month, being Entel which lost more, adding 85729 lines less.

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