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The version with the face of Putin from the Nokia 3310 is a reality

If he liked the touch of nostalgia of the “new” release of Nokia, prepared for this unofficial version with embedded gold and other details to enjoy it even more.

Caviar brand takes a good while making special versions of cell phones with details in luxurious materials and obviously at exorbitant prices.

Now he had to turn to the newly announced Nokia 3310, we can see it paraded elegant in black with gold and the face of Putin in his rear.


A beauty, there is no doubt and who says otherwise does not know anything (?) If you want to have a Supreme PUTIN Edition can order it on his official website to USD $1600. The phone, without details of the magnanimous President little fine version will cost USD $50.

We consignemos that if brand continues in the market is because it sells. According to them, its main clients are eccentric Russian millionaires.


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