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Thus attaches a retro machine in a NES cartridge


Increasingly becomes more popular the retro video game, we don’t know if is the classic “any past was better”, or the crisis of mediocrity that is suffering from the world of videogames. The reality is that Nintendo has succeeded in launching its Mini Classic NES, has found an avalanche of reserves, and that we can not enjoy the device until November (in present day Gadget will have the review). However, it is the time to enjoy the retro design, thanks to this fantastic project that shows how to mount a NES (emulated) in a cartridge machine own console and a ridiculous price, passes and we show it to you.

Yes, once more the engine of this type of project is the Raspberry Pi Zero, the logic board of Raspberry which costs around €5, depending on the provider you choose. Once again, Howchoo has been the creator of the project and the name has been Pi Cart, avoiding recollections to Nintendo. Thanks to this camouflaged Raspberry you can enjoy up to 2,400 titles other than the retro-gaming environment. In addition, system offers a microUSB to operate (low energy), 3 USB controllers and an HDMI so we can connect it to the TV you want. Easier and cheaper impossible.

Click here to view the embedded video.

However, the challenge is to find a NES cartridge, pay a ridiculous price for it and put the Raspberry Pi Zero inside without losing anything by the way. In addition, we won’t need the WiFi connector, we recall that we only intend to take to play, a USB with games, the OS and the emulator will suffice. The reality is that it looks pretty good in the video and the images. However, for those who are not as “trotters”, always have the possibility to make a server, go to the nearest point of sale and set aside the NES Classic Mini.

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