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Space Works working on getting the stasis of passengers on journeys to deep space

estasis de pasajeros

Space Works, a company financed directly by NASA, just of announce that to day of today are working to get it stasis of passenger space. The first objective of this company, and especially NASA, is to get this possible on a trip relatively “short” of about 55 million kilometers and several months of duration, distance that, as insurance know or you’re sensing, separates the Earth from Mars.

Carried out without the crew of this mission did in a State of stasis, we talked about that a few 6 crew members should live for months in a small compartment together. As it was expected NASA does not arise that this can occur since it is shown that any person is able to withstand a situation as well and not just by having to live in a space very reduced, but by the own interaction between astronauts, boredom or irritation, States that may prove to be very dangerous.

Space Works works to find a solution to get send 6 crew to Mars.

Even so, this would be one of the smaller problems that opened to contend, among other things by the resources to transport six humans to Mars. NASA estimates that the module that would be transferred would need some 380 cubic meters of volume and would have a weight of 28,000 kg. To this we add that they would need the other 13,000 kilograms of food on board for the trip of roundtrip.

As you might expect, this same group of astronauts would need less space and much less food if they could enter in a State of stasis, i.e. a sort of hibernation. Unfortunately humans are unable to Hibernate naturally though it is possible to induce this State for several days, something that is done in many hospitals in a process known as therapeutic hypothermia.

The great problem in which work in Space Works is precisely in that do this during long periods of time is shown that causes certain problems. Remains in the hands of this team of researchers discover and the solution for travel to Mars is in get to the stasis of passengers or if, on the other hand, have to discard this option and look for other solutions to the problem.

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