Tuesday , January 23 2018
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Today you could launch the update for the Samsung Galaxy S8 red screen

During the day yesterday we became echo of the news that was running as the foam on the net with a problem red screen on Samsung devices recently offered for sale in some parts of the world. Various Korean media echoed the problems affecting some screen Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 + showing a shade of Red that is nothing normal in SuperAMOLED displays the signature, and the company itself stepped with a possible through software update OTA that it could launch today itself and would solve the problem with the affected devices.

In this sense the firm warned when appeared the first news that adjusting the color of the new balance Samsung Galaxy S8 could eliminate this color red showing the panel, but after testing of users and given that this is not solved by touching this setting, the South Korean company announced the release of an update to resolve the failure and this should now get same April 25 although it is not an official date.

The truth is that the update will be released and if it is true that is solves this problem on the screen as they will be positive point for Samsung and above all to users affected by the problem. In this sense warned already yesterday himself that it was not a problem that affects all devices, but it is estimated that 50% of handsets sold could have this problem on the screen. Are you a Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8 +? do you have the red screen problem?

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