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We find sex in #CES2017

The CES has always tried to progress. Five days where you have the opportunity to visit the pavilions and find little things that in the coming decades will be the standard of technology. Today, we had live breakthrough in the field of virtual reality that had already been a couple of years between us, but in this version of the show seems to consolidate and have the maturity to become regular: the sex.

Never have been of them more enthusiastic of this trend, which, incidentally, is which form the foundations of the internet. My friends are known names of actresses and are capable of holding discussions about which is better and why. Perhaps by that was more interesting that a “Rookie” in the area, as I, take the iron hot and I pulled to the experience offered by Naughty America.

NA 02

And description, to me, is only one: horrifically immersive. One might think that it will be one video more, ordinary, but not. Point of view given by the tools of virtual reality to the, for example: jump in parachute, ride a roller coaster, living in the most remote places of the world, and more, apply to pornography. It is not exactly being there, but approaching so much that it scares.

The production of these experiences is of high quality. It shows one greater monetary investment to see the scenery, places where happen and the equipment used to record, which not must be cheap given the sharpness of the image. It should be noted that the motion is 180 degrees, not 360 °. Anyway, I don’t want someone looking for live this looking back.

NA 03

The experience of three minutes delivered at the fair was through a Samsung VR Gear and a Galaxy S6, given what this technology is available for devices that already have among ourselves, and with surprising quality for years. Google Cardboard, Oculus Rift, Zeiss VR One and HTC lives are other compatible devices. Within the available titles we are with “Hole in One”, a history of golf, “Yoga One on One”, “Here Cums The Bride” and “Scoring with My Sister’s Hot Friend”, for lovers of football.

For taste, options. Just add that this sex destroyed all the traditional sex for my.

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