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Your internet connection malfunction? All down to the fall of Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services is literally one of the most commonly used internet services by large and small companies and websites which means, as insurance you will be thinking, to the first ruling, thousands of sites are affected. This is the reason why not is your connection that goes wrong, but it is precisely the website you are trying to visit that is down or not working properly.

Apparently the problem with Amazon Web Services has been located in the data center is located in Northern Virginia where they have a problem in terms of storage services US-East-1 , apparently they are giving ‘high rates of error’. This is the culprit that many users can’t access certain websites while others cannot offer specific content.

Amazon Web Service is facing serious problems of its US-East-1 data center storage.

Among the most renowned company affected are nothing less than such services like Trello, TWITTERFEED, Splitwise, Hootsuite, Alexa, Nest… and even, at least for the last several hours, has also begun to affect image hosting services such as The Verge, and even many mobile internet access, most developed for iOS.

No doubt a serious blow that surely know move forward since we are talking about one of the technology companies with the largest number of engineers highly qualified on the planet surely are working like never before to get restore services and to avoid users to continue paying for their failures.


Amazon has just announced that, finally, they have managed to all services of Amazon Web Services to return to normal by which everything in a matter of hours, should work as usual.

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