BlackBerry 10 vs iPhone 5 browser test

Posted by Jun Harefa on December 22, 2012 1
BlackBerry 10 vs iPhone 5
Info Tech - One of the executives of Research in Motion (RIM) has claimed the device with the BlackBerry 10 operating system better than the iPhone 5 and the Galaxy S III.

Gadget Masters Website, whether to prove the claim, trying to pit the Blackberry 10 vs iPhone 5 browsing capabilities.

BlackBerry 10 itself will be formally introduced by RIM on January 30, 2013. However, the prototype of the BlackBerry 10 mobile phone has been distributed to several application developers around the world.

The browser test conducted by Gadget Masters using one prototype was distributed by RIM, the BlackBerry Dev Alpha B.

How the test results? BlackBerry 10 phones were able to surpass the iPhone 5, which uses iOS.

Clearly the time of testing, webkit-based BlackBerry 10 capable render web pages faster than its competitors iPhone 5.

Superior in speed accessing web pages is not yet called the BlackBerry 10 device as the best. However, this test at least can demonstrate the ability of BlackBerry 10. Moreover BB10 device under test is still a prototype product, not the final version.

BlackBerry 10 vs iPhone 5 browser testing process can be seen in the video below:

via Gadget Masters
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