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Posted by Jun Harefa on August 07, 2013 0
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Mobile app gaming has become a hot topic of conversation in the tech world, largely because there is simply so much creation and variety involved. Each and every day, the Apple app store at is stocked with new and exciting apps, not just with regard to utility and general entertainment, but specifically in the realm of gaming. Naturally, this is helping iPhone users to enjoy a massive variety of games on their mobile phones - but perhaps no game is enjoyed quite as frequently as poker.

We're all aware that poker has exploded in popularity over the course of the last decade or so. Particularly the Texas Hold'Em style of poker - largely thanks to ESPN's continual airing of the "World Series Of Poker" - has become an incredibly popular source of entertainment. And now, mobile apps are giving poker fans the ability to engage in live Texas Hold'Em games against real competitors, all from a handheld mobile device! From gaming giants like Zynga, to independent websites and developers, it seems like everyone in the industry has a poker gaming app.

Among these apps, however, none offers quite as complete a poker experience as the "Poker In Play" app from If you're looking for a traditional poker experience in which you simply play your hand and see who comes out on top, you have dozens - if not hundreds - of apps to choose from. However, with "Poker In Play" you experience a unique method of gambling real money that helps you to practice you hand recognition and poker playing skills.

Basically, "Poker In Play" is Texas Hold'Em, in which you can see every hand playing at the table. Instead of simply playing your own hand and making bets against opponents, you can observe other hands, recognize which ones benefit from new communal cards being dealt, and place bets on which hand will come out on top. It's an entirely different take on a poker playing app, and one that allows you to both work on your gaming skills and experience the thrill of real money gambling.

Again, if you're looking for a more traditional poker experience, there are plenty of arcade options that allow you to place artificial bets to simply enjoy poker as an activity. But if you're looking for real improvement and real money-making opportunity, the "Poker In Play" app shows just how far mobile gaming has come, and how much poker playing has expanded.
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