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All the issues of payment of SwiftKey become free


SwiftKey is the best existing keyboard if one good full and, among its features, is that it was made with the help of Stephen Hawking, the renowned astrophysicist, theoretical physicist and populariser British scientist. There are some special features which have led him to stardom in the keyboards category both Android and iOS.

Yesterday, as preamble to Christmas, SwiftKey gifts put free all matters that have been paid, since the day that included topics shop to monetize the app. Being already in the hands of Microsoft, this decision can be understood most have that great company as the “Godfather” to anything you need.

So now all the great themes of SwiftKey become free as the best way to make a gift to the large number of users which relegated daily on this keyboard for their phones, either Android or iOS.


All premium themes, payment and those special Christmas packs, them have available from the shop of topics. You can download all you want, since it seems that SwiftKey has no plan to reverse this process free and will include them forever as a way to give more quality to an app already in itself is very complete in all respects.

This big news yesterday, joins an update that did days ago Android and which allows access to a number of very exciting new features. Incognito mode, customization of a Word as direct access to a whole sentence and the Clipboard tool are the three new features, so if you were undecided between install SwiftKey and some other competition, is a great time to try it.

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