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Carr-E, the hoverboard from Ford that we move around the city


Kilian Vas, an engineer of systems of Ford in Cologne, is the author of the system of transportation that you see in screen, a project to which have baptized as Carr- E and that not is another thing, as they it described, that a hoverboard with a form somewhat peculiar. Its author had the idea of creating this system apparently to realize space that all vehicles have to keep your spare wheel. With this in mind, he decided to create a clean transportation system with the exact dimensions so it could be stored in this place.

Depending on the exact definition given in Ford Carr-E, we have an Assistant electrical four-wheeled pedestrian. The idea basically, taking into account that will be increasingly more difficult to enter the inner cities with our car, due to environmental and ecological issues, is that we move with our car until close to the city you want to visit and, once parked it, we make use of this hoverboard to reach our destination.

Carr-E, Ford four-wheel electric pedestrian Wizard.

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As a detail, not only this object will be useful for the displacement of people, but structurally also will be helpful to move or transfer from one site to another heavy objects since you will only have to place the burden on Carr-E and this will follow you beyond where you go thanks to an electronic transmitter that you will have to take over. Without a doubt, we have a clear example of the road taking on Ford and for which the company wants to pass to be considered as a manufacturer of cars to be a provider of solutions of mobility in and out of the cities.

With regard to the future of this system, personally not think that it see or to short or to long term in the market although the idea in itself is pretty good since raises certain solutions to certain problems that today day have.

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