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Drobo 5 c is capable of storing all your data of shape smart


We are in a period in which the storage is paramount. Thanks to them mechanisms of storage and the good connections by fiber optic, are many who opt by store their copies digital of content audiovisual, as well as create “clouds” with all their data important. For this reason, RAID storage home is becoming more popular, and from time to time we like to bring you innovative systems that reach the market. Today you present the Drobo 5 c, a system peculiar, quite easy of use and that is capable of managing all your storage of form intelligent, so not you worry nothing rather than of select what like, and what not.

The difference of the Drobo 5 c with their rival not is only the capacity of connections via USB-C, but also carries if same to out the work of configuration, tedious to boring, and out of the scope of who not have ones knowledge minimum of the theme. This system takes advantage of the model RAID to manage all your data, store them as creates more convenient and useful, and above all, us allows have them always visible, as want and from where want. An alternative really interesting in a time where the storage local is is turning in a need.

It the Drobo 5 c is virtually Plug-n-Play, amazing on a device with these characteristics, so leverages BeyondRAID technology Drobo company, which is responsible for the configuration software. Change the storage physical is as easy as removing a disc hard and put another. The device uses connections USB-C 2.0 and 3.0. Also already is available for your purchase from its website, with prices that include from them $349 by the box empty, until them $1,799 that reaches the box with four discs hard that reach 6 TB each one. Drobo products in the same range have dropped his price at $ 50. To acquire them can visit your web or those retailers usual.

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