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Fallout 4: Far Harbor has poor performance in PlayStation 4


Fallout 4 has been so far one of the best games of the generation, is a total reality, however is disappearing across the wake that followed him with the passing of the months. Have continued to work on its development, because a few weeks ago came DLC called Fallout 4: Far Harbor, however, PlayStation public shows its total rejection and anger for the bad performance. The truth is that Fallout 4 has been from my point of view, one of the games with worse performance and optimization that we found in the Sony console.

Falls of frames are constants in Fallout 4, as well as the enormous amount of errors and bugs. In fact, they make annoying an experience that would be fantastic, as it is a game that requires a total immersion in the story. Falls of frames in this latest DLC is causing an anger total pull users, however, Bethesda has already announced that it is working to fix this. It is something that certainly should have been solved much earlier, it is not necessary to hasten a DLC release, but the industry has begun to rely on these packages to make money, at the expense of the portfolio and the patience of players.

We find that the DLC is moved to a 20fps constant, lousy, but may have significant falls to the 15 fps. It must be a bug, since versions of PC and Xbox One, users not found with such nonsense. It will touch us to wait, but Bethesda has ensured that with the next patch the game will be at least stable 30 fps, yes well, is not a luxury, but allows you to play decently. We are still awaiting news of Bethesda on the matter, but he left in question the professionalism with Fallout 4.

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