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Galaxy Note 7 problems do not hinder the benefits of Samsung


Despite the many problems surrounding Samsung in recent times, highlighting the suffered with the Galaxy Note 7explosions, the South Korean company has announced that it expects third-quarter operating profits will increase by 5% to 6,900 billion dollars. That itself, must of have in account and always present, that talk of Samsung Electronics.

This means that it is more than possible that Samsung mobile division does not get the benefits expected by the problems of its new flagship, but they are compensated with many other divisions that has Samsung working today.

The official results will be presented at the end of this month and as we learned revenues, are expected to fall by 5% to $ 43.9 billion. By luck or by misfortune for Samsung, in them results financial that will be announced very soon not is counted them expenses derived by them replacements of the Galaxy Note 7.

What really counted will be null and void this mobile device sales and will according to the analyst of SK Securities, Kim young Woo the benefits of the mobile division of Samsung are the lowest in the past three quarters.

Pending that Samsung financial results are official, we must start preparing us to see something unusual and strange. And is that although them benefits will continue to being good, them income is reduced to the expected of as is usually say it has that has left by their problems the Galaxy Note 7.

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