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Twitter could decide possible buyer this same month


For weeks rumors about possible bids that Twitter has on the table, an idea that every day it seems more interesting and, as it has secured from Reuters, it seems you might have a final solution be heard this month. As s can read in Reuters, apparently one of those most interested in clarification if finally the company is sold or is not Jack Dorsey who is getting quickly to avoid the uncertainty among shareholders and above all the future viability of the company that employees may perceive.

With this in mind, has been made of mark the potential interested companies submit their proposals during the next two weeks. A time finish this term, these will be studied thoroughly and the decision will be announced before publish the next report quarterly of benefits, something that will happen, if all still programmed as until today, the next day 27 of October.

Twitter must decide in the coming days if it is sold or not.

As to potential buyers of Twitter, at the moment all seem to remain in the shade as the only name that appears on all pools would be already according to sources quite well informed, apparently Marc Benioff, CEO and founder of the company, would have already had the opportunity to meet with the directors of the famous social network.

Out of this, admittedly, is has been talking of possible interest from companies such as Google and Apple though, internal sources from both companies, have been too quick to deny the possibility of even be interested in Twitter. As for Disney, while last week it was rumored that it was also interested, today still not made any movement. Finally Verizon and Microsoft neither deny nor meaningfully possible rumors.

As can see, Twitter to day of today is located in a tessitura somewhat complicated since them companies more important that could perform an acquisition of this scale seem to take is back, so only Salesforge seems follow interested although certain is that is show very cautious at the time of talk of a possible buy. All this makes in the company still have not clear whether the best option is to sell or stay as they are.

More information: Reuters

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