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Galaxy Xcover 4 is the all-terrain mobile featuring Samsung

While they are very small niches and that they tend to sell little, best companies tend to have good manufacture such devices to also attend the special needs to those that work with your phone in a somewhat combative territories. That is why we are going to take a good look at this Galaxy Xcover 4 that Samsung intended to again captivate an audience that is very attached to this range of devices that have little competition, since aside from Uhans or Motorola, few dare to make this type of ultra-strong devices.

The important thing this device is not so much your hardware to the level of processing, but also the resistance offered by their materials. Firstly the main buttons that we will manage the system are mechanical, back are capacitive buttons which will fail with relative ease when using it with dirty hands or gloves.

We are also MIL-STD 810 G certification , which assures us support against bumps, scratches, extreme temperatures (both high and low) and as no other weather accompanied by water and dust.

However, Samsung has not had good tell us what hardware can be found inside, even if we can get an idea of that hides something similar to the Samsung Galaxy S5, we hope at least 3 GB of RAM and an eight-core processor with architecture of 64Bits than carving. As for the screen, a HD (720 p) resolution panel and the possibility of using it with gloves (these latest data if they are confirmed), as well as a 13 .3MP camera and focal opening of f/1, 9.

Price rondara the 259 euros in Europe, and really not us can upset by your design, if we take into account the characteristics of resistance which is able to offer us.

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