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Google introduces YouTube Go to download videos and save data mobile

Apparently YouTube is extremely popular in the India, and this has detonated that the people of Google develop an alternative to them users mobile can continue consuming videos without overdraw its plan of data mobile in the process. So was born YouTube Go.

Revealed through a publication in the official blog of the video platform, YouTube Go shows openly as a sort of experiment thought from the particular stage of the nation that will be put to the test. Where the cost of navigation mobile is very high, equal to its demand.

YouTube Go will be an output interesting to this problem, since will allow play them videos with a resolution much less to the standard current of the platform, saving data with this, and even will allow download them content. Either complete Bollywood films or a regular vidcast.

An of them functions more interesting of YouTube Go is that up all those facilities also would allow share videos among users that is found in the same site, through Bluetooth, without need of use its connection mobile. This will allow consume content without debt is with the features of the phone.

YouTube Go does not have an official release date yet, and the vague promise is that it will eventually expand to more users.

By it soon is has enabled a registration to receive a notification as soon as is released the first version of this app.

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